Our Leadership

Chris Joseph

Chicago Advisory Board member

Chris Joseph is grateful for the many blessings and opportunities in his life and is committed to doing whatever small part he can do to help those in his family, his life and in his community experience the same wonderful journey.  Born the son of an immigrant that made good on the American dream, Chris was the first hand beneficiary of how education and relentless work can create a life of opportunity and advancement.  Motivated to help others create their American dream, Chris was instrumental in helping bring Think Big to Chicago, where he and his wife Stephanie call home.

Chris is a tech entrepreneur that has helped start and build multiple successful companies.  Chris sold his business in 2009 to Tribridge, which brought Chris and Tony DiBenedetto together for the first time.  Inspired by Tony’s vision and leadership – combined with the Think Big team’s impact in Florida – Chris believes Think Big can make a significant impact in the lives of Chicago’s youth.

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