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Think Big for Kids is breaking the cycle of poverty by providing middle and high school students with career opportunities, mentorship, and job readiness and placement to excel in today’s workforce. 

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what we do

Think Big for Kids partners with companies and organizations to provide the awareness, guidance, and opportunities young people need to set and achieve their post-graduation goals. Our programmatic roadmap first engages kids during the critical middle school years and supports them throughout high school and into young adulthood. 

As they approach graduation, we offer work placement, internships, and scholarships to help them pursue on-the-job training, trade school certification, or a two- to four-year college degree. To further our mission to break the cycle of poverty, we work with our partners to connect graduates to jobs they’re passionate about after completing their education.  

Think Big for Kids was founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneur Tony DiBenedetto. He and a team of volunteers created a programmatic roadmap that engages Boys & Girls Clubs kids from sixth to 12th grade throughout the completion of post-graduation education or training and to their chosen career path. DiBenedetto recruited other businesses to join the program with a commitment to providing mentorship, internships, scholarships and ultimately job offers.

three pillars



We provide middle-school students with a chance to learn about diverse job opportunities in today’s workplace by organizing career showcases, skill-building workshops, field trips, and summer programs.  



We pair students with an experienced mentor who can help them understand their career options, choose the right education path, remain accountable, and plan for post-graduation.  

Job Readiness

& placement

We prepare high school students for their future career by coordinating internship and job shadowing opportunities, organizing job readiness workshops, awarding scholarships, and assisting with job placement.  

We Are Thinking Bigger

Originally founded in Tampa Bay by tech executive and entrepreneur Tony DiBenedetto, Think Big has since expanded to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey, and Greater Washington. We will serve 10,000 kids by 2025 by partnering with organizations, companies, and volunteers to provide middle and high school students in poverty with opportunities for career exploration, mentorship, and job readiness and placement.

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