Think Big for Kid’s Scholarships

Think Big for Kids Scholarship Program 

As part of our Job Readiness and Placement Pillar, Think Big for Kids offers scholarships to support a variety of career paths. Our available scholarships encourage students to pursue all post-graduation plans including students who plan to go directly to work and get on-the-job training, students who plan to pursue a technical trade certification, and those who plan to attend community college or a university. Read below for more information about each of our scholarships as well as learn about several of our recent scholarship award recipients.  Scholarship applications will be made available online in November with the finalists being selected by March, and recipients being awarded in May. Thank you to our volunteers, donors, and partner companies who provide scholarship funds to make these opportunities possible for our kids! 

JPD Electric Apprenticeship and Job Opportunity 

JPD Electric, Inc. provides a student with a full-time job, on-the-job training, a full scholarship, and apprenticeship to earn their certification. JPD hopes to help support a student to begin their career path of becoming a licensed electrician. JPD wants to set students on a five-year program with this scholarship, ultimately ending with students receiving their electrician certification and hopefully joining the JPD electrician team.  

SME Technical Trades Scholarship 

The SME scholarship was established to provide students who are interested in technical trades a full scholarship to complete their education and training needed to start a career in trade roles. The scholarship awards up to $5,000 for a student to complete the courses needed to create a future for themselves. The courses can take from 9 to 15 months, but this scholarship hopes to introduce students into the trade force after completing their certification. 

2021 Scholarship Award Recipient: Armando Zamora, pursuing a career in mechanics 

Perseverance Scholarship 

Unlike the first two scholarships, this scholarship is available to any teen planning to attend a two-year college program with the intention of transferring to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree, regardless of the job field. This scholarship is meant to close the gap of students who attend a two-year university and are unable to finish their bachelor’s degree due to financial support. The scholarship plans to pay the full tuition of a student’s remaining education after their first two years. The scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrated determination, persistence, and passion.  

2021 Scholarship Award Recipient: Luz Ortiz 

Think Big Expect More Scholarship 

This scholarship was established to offer financial assistance to a student who plans to further their education post-high school education at another educational institution. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage students to think big about their future and motivate them to pursue a career, regardless of their financial status. A student who demonstrates integrity, determination, and passion throughout their high school career and has put great thought and consideration into future career plans and self-goals.  


2021 Scholarship Award Recipients (Left to Right): Alicia Thompson, Jahte’yra Mosley, Luis Rosario, Rosie Acuna, Tariyah Boyd 

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