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Think Big for Kids is dedicated to helping underprivileged kids and we couldn’t achieve our mission without the amazing support of our volunteers. If you are considering participation with Think Big, please know we have multiple options to choose from with varying levels of commitment and time. Please see below for more details and THANK YOU in advance for learning more about ways to help. We would love to have you JOIN our inspiring team of volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Workshop Presenter

Description:  Workshops are part of the Career Exploration & Job Readiness pillars of Think Big for Kids.  Skill-Building Workshops are held once per month after-school for middle school students at the Boys & Girls Club with the goal of starting to build the skills they will need to be successful in high school and their future careers.  Skill-Building Workshops typically focus on skill such as teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, and financial literacy. Job-Readiness Workshops are focused on high school students and can be held at the Boys & Girls Club or an offsite location with the goal of building the skills students will need to be successful in applying to and working at their first job.   Job-Readiness Workshops can focus on skill such as interviewing, resume writing, goal-setting, and financial literacy.

Time Commitment:  Preparation of your workshop presentation and facilitation of your session at a participating local area Boys & Girls Club or other location.  Workshops are typically one-hour.   You can volunteer one time only – – or decide to commit to more!

To Learn More: Please complete a brief interest form to provide contact information and summary of your workshop topic.

Become a Mentor

Description: Having a mentor can make all the difference in the world for students, providing them with a trusted source of advice and guidance throughout their educational journey. Our goal is to improve the path for students as they plan and transition from school to the workforce. Upon finishing 8th grade, students are paired with a mentor aligned with their career interests for their high school years and beyond. The mentor will help them see their potential, understand their options, select the right courses, remain accountable, and make an education and career plan for post-graduation.

Time Commitment: Every one of our mentors has a passion for helping teens plan and manage their transition from school to their future career. They meet with their student at least once a month, although they are welcome to meet as frequently as schedules allow. Ideally, this relationship will continue for four full years to provide students with a trusted source of support throughout their high school experience. Think Big mentors become an approved volunteer through various onboarding procedures including an orientation, interview, and background check. You will have access to a full array of our mentor resources.

To Learn More: Please complete a brief interest form to provide contact information. You will also be asked to provide some additional information about your career and career path that will help us match you with a mentee in the future if you decide to commit to the Mentorship Program.

Career Showcase Partner Company

Description: Career Showcases are part of the Career Exploration pillar of Think Big for Kids. They are held once per month at the Boys & Girls Club with the goal of exposing students to a variety of companies and careers within those companies. For a Career Showcase, the participating company typically brings 2-3 members of their team to give a brief overview of what their company does and what types of jobs are available at that company. After a brief introduction to the company, the students participate in a hands-on activity to give them a better idea of what type of work the company does. Examples of hands on activities done in the past are JDP Electric having students build a working lamp and Haneke Design engaging students in a Phone App design activity. The participating kids are in 6th – 8th grades.

Time Commitment: Preparation of Career Showcase presentation and activity and facilitation of an hour-long Career Showcase at a Boys & Girls Club from approximately 4:45 – 5:45 p.m. on a Tuesday or a Thursday once a month. The sessions are held monthly at 10 Clubs and we ask Career Showcase companies to commit to volunteering once a month for at least one school year (August-May) to rotate through all participating Boys & Girls Clubs.

To Learn More: Please complete a brief interest form to provide contact and company information.

Host a Field Trip

Description: Field trips to local partner companies are part of the Career Exploration pillar of Think Big for Kids. Field trips are typically held during school breaks, such as Summer and Spring Break, and provide a great opportunity for kids to see different workplaces and jobs firsthand. Think Big for Kids will coordinate the logistics of transporting kids to your company and the company will plan for the experience the students have on the field trips. Field trips can be hosted for either middle school students (6th-8th grades) or high school students (9th-12th grades).

Time Commitment: Planning for the experience students have on the field trip to your company and facilitation of the field trip. Typically, field trips last from 2-5 hours.

To Learn More: Please complete a brief interest form to provide contact and company information.

Volunteer on a Committee

Description: Think Big has a number of opportunities throughout the year to serve on volunteer committees that support our three pillars. Currently we have openings on our marketing committee, career exploration committee and events committee.

Time Commitment: The time commitment varies depending on which committee you are participating in, but generally consists of at least one meeting/program/showcase per month and communication via email and conference calls.

To Learn More: Please complete a brief interest form to provide contact information and your area of interest.

Make A Donation

Help Support Our Mission

Please click on the Donate button here on our website to review the donation information and make your contribution today. Your generosity helps us achieve our mission and reach more kids! You are also welcome to text THINKBIG to 435-06 to donate now.

We also have corporate sponsorship opportunities and high-level donor programs to become a Strategic Partner of Think Big. Please email directly for more information. Thanks for your Support!