Our Mission

We are breaking the cycle of poverty by preparing kids to excel in today’s workforce.

Think Big for Kids is a national non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by helping middle and high school students discover their potential and prepare for a fulfilling career in today’s workforce. Our unique “Three Pillars” program introduces kids to career paths across diverse industries, connects them with mentors to develop a career plan, and partners with companies to provide job readiness training, internship, scholarships, and work placement. We continue to serve students as they transition to on-the-job training, technical programs, or college in pursuit of their career goals.

We Believe Every Kid has
Untapped Potential.

But every kid needs guidance in discovering that potential. Think Big works with students from low-income households who are often overlooked and under-challenged. As a result, many may never climb above the poverty line. They take low-wage jobs with very little chances for career advancement. We want to stop that trend by helping kids find their passion and transform into self-sufficient, successful adults. Think Big is a unique opportunity to help deserving kids break out of the poverty cycle while fueling our economy with talent to fill high-demand positions in growing industries.

Think Big for Kids

We Focus on the Individual Journey.

Volunteers and partner companies begin working with Think Big kids in middle school, when statistics show they are at greatest risk for peer pressure and lagging behind academically. By keeping them engaged in their early teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs, Think Big has a platform to introduce different careers, industries and companies, identify general interests and begin to shape individualized career tracks. Our focus is on educational preparedness, whether they are attending trade school or navigating college admissions.