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Why STEM? Our Partner Companies Weigh in on the Benefits of a Career in STEM.

In honor of National STEM day, we asked some of our partner companies “Why should students explore careers in STEM?” and “What is the best part about working in the STEM field?”  See their answers below to learn more about why Think Big for Kids strives to expose students to careers in a variety of industries including science, technology, engineering, and math.


“Technology is constantly evolving and creating jobs that never previously existed. My job as a Salesforce Administrator did not exist 25 years ago. Now it is one of the fastest-growing careers in technology.   STEM careers allow you to be a part of innovation, change and development, which is exciting and energizing. Your natural curiosity could lead to the next big advancement. STEM careers are so diverse and plentiful, why not choose one that gives you job security, allows you to feed your passion AND allows you to make a difference?   There is no better reason to explore a particular field than following your passion. If you can make a living doing something you are passionate about it really will not seem like work at all!

The best part about working in the STEM field is being able to make an impact. My daily work at A-LIGN can immediately make someone’s job easier and/or add to our company’s bottom line. Scientists and engineers make lasting impacts on the world every day. The possibilities are endless and exciting!   In my experience I have seen more equality in the workplace in STEM fields than in others. Skill and passion are the key hiring factors and differences are celebrated and well accepted.”

-Leyna Hoffer, Senior Manager of Salesforce Operations at A-LIGN


“As our society continues to become more reliant on technology the students that understand these technologies and what drives them will have greater career opportunities. Soon robotics and machine learning will change people’s lives and ultimately what jobs are available. Responsibly applying technology to our everyday challenges should increase our quality of life.

I enjoy working in a STEM field because it’s constantly evolving, and I am always learning new things. I prefer the acronym STEAM which includes Art in the mix. I believe that it is important because it adds the essential human element of design which bridges the gap between the technology and the human experience.”

-Don Gillespie, Resource Manager at Haneke Design


“Ultimately students should explore careers in the things they find passion and happiness with. If STEM is something you find interesting, you will find it is filled with all different types of career paths that are fulfilling and well paying. If you like problem solving and enjoy critical thinking careers in STEM could be for you. There are plenty of future challenges the world will face that need smart and hardworking people to solve them.  From Cyber Threats to Renewable Energy, Psychologists to Mechanical Engineering. STEM has lots of exciting careers that are critical for our future.

No two days are the same. Many of the problems we face have not been solved before, so the solution is not always clear. You get to work with teams of different people and brainstorm new and innovative ways to solve them. You are constantly challenged and continuously learning, which makes work fun and exciting!”

-Scott Noonan, Senior Vice President of Engagement at ReliaQuest


“As our society becomes more advanced STEM skills will be required for most jobs in the future.  There is a current shortage of workers in the STEM fields meaning higher wages for workers with these skill sets.  STEM skills can be used in almost any industry, company, or region.  This means you can find work no matter where you live.  There are many scholarship options for students in the STEM fields which helps offset the high cost of college. STEM fields usually mean you will be exposed to the latest in technology and innovation.  STEM covers a wide range of interests, so a student can usually find a field they are interested in an encourages them to learn more.  STEM careers are challenging, so for students that want a challenge in life, STEM careers offer that.”

-Brian Andrews, Chief Technology Officer at SOFWERX


Thank you to our Think Big partner companies for sharing their perspective with us on National STEM Day and for volunteering with Think Big to expose students to and mentor students in STEM careers through Think Big programming.


Think Big and Be Bold,

Jaclyn McCormick

Director of Programs, Think Big for Kids

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