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Volunteer Spotlight: Maggie Stankiewicz, Roger West

Today’s partner spotlight goes out to Maggie Stankiewicz from Roger West Creative and Code. This spotlight will cover Maggie’s career path, how she got to where she is today, and the importance of mentorship.


Maggie is a content strategist so she gets to take part in anything involving words, communications, or storytelling. She write blog posts, makes Google Ads, and creates social media posts for clients as well as the agency.


Maggie was not always the marketing guru she is today, or at least, she did not know she was. She graduated with a degree in biology and began pursuing a career in healthcare. In this role she was doing anything from writing blog content, conducting presentations and making social media posts. After this, she realized she was capable of a career in marketing that better aligned with her passion: writing. Maggie decided to leave the healthcare field and branch out to a marketing career with Roger West.


Before beginning her career at Roger West, Maggie had a mentor who coached her on her career goals and how to attain them. Her and her mentor had periodic meetings and discussed topics like goals, plans for the future, and things she learned. Maggie explains that having a mentor gave her the confidence and courage she needed to achieve her career goals and explore he professional passions. Maggie says, maintaining a relationship with her mentor is one of the more significant things she has done for herself and her career and she cannot recommend it more!


Maggie participated in the Think Big for Kids showcase because she thinks our mission is so important and wants to do whatever she can to help students find a career path they love. She explains that her industry, the marketing industry is versatile and there is not a one-size-fits-all in marketing. Additionally, she explains that marketing requires teamwork and collaboration between all types of people with all types of skills which is what makes it so fun and unique.


Maggie is passionate in her career and recommends anyone who is interested in a career in marketing to build their skillset and pick a related major or field in college or trade school.


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