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Volunteer Spotlight: Eddie Halusic, BrandSafway

Why Volunteer with Think Big for Kids 

I decided to volunteer with Think Big for Kids because I think that everyone deserves to have access to exploring many different careers. The more careers students are exposed to the more likely they are to find something they are passionate about doing. Career education is important and is often underserved in schools. I also like that Think Big exposes students to all types of jobs from the medical field to banking to trade jobs and different career paths from going directly to work to trade school or college and they really push the student to decide what they want to do, not what others tell them they should do. 

Careers in Trades and the Construction Industry

Trades and the construction industry can provide good career paths to students who want to go to college and also students who might not be interested in pursuing college but want to learn and grow in a fulfilling job. Careers in the trades and construction can be very rewarding and while there is a lot of focus on college career paths that lead to “high profile” jobs there is a significant need for skilled employees in the construction and trade industries as well. Those industries don’t typically get the airtime with students that other careers get, so I love that Think Big exposes students to a variety of career paths. 

How Think Big Impacts the Tampa Community

I love that Think Big programming serves students in typically under resourced communities. Think Big helps young people in Tampa find fulfilling jobs while they are still in high school so they can make an informed career path and education decision when they graduate. That can lead to good paying, secure jobs that they find exciting, which improves the economic outcome for them and the community. It also provides employers with employees that are passionate about the field they entered. 

Best Part about Volunteering with Think Big for Kids? 

I have volunteered with Think Big with skill-building workshops and career showcases. I like getting to interact with the kids and seeing when kids find a topic really interesting and want to learn more. One of my favorite experiences was during a teamwork workshop with middle school students last year. I gave students a short quiz and we did an activity about teamwork and leveraging people with different strengths. The students loved learning about their personality type and each other’s throughout the activity. As I was packing up one student came up to me and asked if she could have a copy of the quiz and the resources so her mom could also take the quiz when she got home. She was so excited to share what she had learned with her family which made me realize the work programs like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Think Big are doing impacts not just the students, but also their families and communities as well.

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