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Think Big Mentor & Mentee Relationship!

Written by Taylor Holt, University of Tampa Student and TBFK Marketing Intern


Stacie Murray has been a mentor at Think Big for Kids since November of 2020, almost one whole year! As soon as she signed up for the mentor program, Stacie was assigned to mentor Ja’Nysha and has been her mentor since. Ja’Nysha is a student at Lennard Highschool and has been a mentee at Think Big for a year as well. 


Stacie and Ja’Nysha both joined the program for similar reasons. Both wanted to be involved in a new experience and a program that would benefit them and teach them growth. Stacie wanted to share her passion and drive with younger students, hoping to push them and make an impression on them. Through the relationship of being mentor and mentee, Stacie and Ja’Nysha realized how resilient each other are, adapting similar tools to apply to their personal lives. 


The pair meets at least every week and are looking forward to their first opportunity to meet in person. Stacie is not only a mentor to Ja’Nysha, but she is a friend. Both share similar strengths and weaknesses which makes their bond stronger. Stacie always offers guidance, a shoulder to lean on, or even just a fun conversation about plans for the weekend. Stacie realizes that “Ja’Nysha is a bright young lady, with a lot to offer and the motivation and work ethic to follow through and commit to reaching her goals.” She hopes to continue to help her grow and be by her side through the rest of her high school journey. Ja’Nysha said during her interview that she “can picture myself being like Stacie in the future, she has a stable job, a family, and seems so comfortable in her life.” The bond between these two is something that every person needs in their life, a great support system. 


When they were both asked the question “What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor/mentee?” they had the same answer. “Just go for it!” they both exclaimed in their individual interviews. Both agreed that it was not something they saw themselves doing at first but were happy they did because they both had formed a lifelong friendship that would last forever. Stacie has guided Ja’Nysha on not only a personal level but also an educational level by introducing her into the career field of being a paralegal, a career Ja’Nysha is now interested in. They both highly encourage anyone who is interested to join the program for a life-changing experience.  


Stacie and Ja’Nysha have both learned lifelong lessons through the Think Big for Kids Mentor/Mentee program that they would not trade for the world!  

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