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Think Big Career Showcases Go Virtual!

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Hillsborough County Schools along with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay have been closed to protect students and staff.   In response, Think Big for Kids released its first Virtual Career Showcase with the help of our partners at ReliaQuest. In their showcase, ReliaQuest tells students about the work they do and different jobs available at their company.

Virtual Career Showcases allow students to continue to explore different career paths even while they are at home.   Thank you to our partners at ReliaQuest for volunteering their time and setting the example for how we can continue to reach and inspire students no matter the circumstances!  Think Big is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay to share this content through social media channels and to help add content to their new Virtual Club to provide distance learning for students.

To watch ReliaQuest’s Virtual Career Showcase, check out our YouTube channel here.   If you are interested in participating in a Virtual Career Showcase please email

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