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A Field Trip’s Lasting Impact

Summer break brings so many great traditions. Here at Think Big for Kids, we look forward to summer because it is an amazing opportunity to offer field trips to our partner companies for kids to experience a variety of workplaces that they may have never known about. In June, the students from the Marshall Boys & Girls Club program traveled to the Roger West digital marketing agency office in Tampa for a full day of learning and fun.  

A Day at Roger West 

To kick it off, the kids took a quiz to see where in a digital advertising agency they would work best – creative, account service, media, operations, sales, or other. Once the kids took the quiz and discovered the role that suited them best, they divided them up into three teams so that each team had a member in a specific role.  

Station 1: Design a digital ad  

The team of kids had a client come into the conference room and give them their need/issue. From there the kids created a product name, logo, tagline, and the features the product offers. Everyone’s role was based on the quiz results. So, if they were a graphic designer in the group, they would draw the product/ad. At the end of the afternoon, each team presented their product to the entire group.  

Station 2: Brand Recognition  

The kids came in and learned about brand identity by playing a game where they have to guess the name of the brand and then match the correct tagline with that brand logo and name.  

Station 3: Marketing Scavenger Hunt  

The kids went around the office with clues to find things as they related to advertising/marketing and Roger West. 

A Lasting Impact 

Girl with Roger West branded items holding shirtJust a few days after the field trip, the Roger West team received an incredible email. Kelsey reached out to share that her daughter Shaylee, who is in 7th grade, was on the field trip with Marshall Middle Boys & Girls Club and Shaylee now wants a career and life in digital marketing! She was previously thinking about being a lawyer, but she has gone on and on all about Roger West since the visit to their office. Shaylee has already asked about schools and jobs that would provide her the training and knowledge for a successful career in marketing.  

Jennie Treby, president of Roger West and Think Big for Kids Advisory Board member, was so touched by the message from Kelsey that she organized a shipment of Roger West branded goodies for Shaylee. Roger West looks forward to finding a mentor, job internship or shadowing, in partnership with Think Big for Kids, for Shaylee to support her in high school on her journey towards a career in marketing.  

Kelsey shared that Think Big’s Roger West field trip has “clearly turned on a light my daughter didn’t even realize she had,” and that she has been wonderfully inspired by this experience. She told us that Shaylee has been watching videos on digital design and marketing and talking about it nonstop. 

Getting Involved with Think Big for Kids  

Jennie Treby and her Roger West team play an integral part in Think Big’s mission of helping kids break the cycle of poverty by preparing them for today’s workforce. Jennie says, “Hosting a career showcase or field trip can bring a lot of value to a partner company. We often think about the positive impact we have on the kids, but it goes both ways. Taking a step back to view your business or industry through the lens of a young person provides a fresh perspective for the team. It forces you to simplify services or roles so they can be easily consumed and understood. When you see the kids take an interest in what you do, it makes you remember why you chose your career, and it truly energizes the team.”

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