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Partner Spotlight: Q&A with Jason Jenkins from BGC Tampa

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay and Think Big for Kids work together to provide students in middle and high school with career exploration opportunities, job-readiness workshops and career mentors.  This interview highlights the importance of career preparation programs like Think Big for students and gets into detail about Jason’s role as the Director of Club Operations at the Boys and Girls Club.


Q: What is your role at the BGC and how do you work with Think Big in your role? ​

A: My role is Director of Club Operations and I work with Think Big in providing informational on our clubs to better help them make decisions for program delivery.


Q: What is your favorite part of your job? ​

A: My favorite part of the job is being able to participate in planning and implementing the program services that help our youth grow and develop into responsible citizens.


Q: Why do you think career exploration, mentoring and job-readiness programs are important at the clubs?

A:  ​It’s very important for us to have partners like Think Big providing professionals that our youth can interact with.  It gives them a focal point and examples as they begin setting their long-term and short-term goals


Q: What is the biggest impact you see Think Big has on students at the clubs?

A:  ​The volunteers and mentors provided by Think Big really take the opportunity to impact youth seriously and it has become something our members look forward to doing.  It also gives our younger members something to look forward to as they grow older.  Being able to see the special activities that the teens participate in provides an incentive for them to continue attending our program.


Q: What is your favorite part of Think Big’s programming? ​

A: My favorite part of Think Big would be the “A ha” moments.  When a young person gets introduced to a career path that they suddenly have interest in.  It provides the layout for future decisions regarding their path be it career or education.


Q: Any closing thoughts?

A: ​We are fortunate to have partners like Think Big that not only provide us with an additional layer to our programming but they also listen to our feedback and use that to continue the growth of the program!


Think Big and Be Bold,


Gina Cole

Think Big for Kids Marketing Intern


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