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Quentin and Eric: A Journey of Mentorship

Quentin’s journey over the past 2 years with his mentor Eric has been nothing short of a learning adventure. A current student at Hillsborough High School and member of the Belmont Heights Boys & Girls Club, Quentin loves sports and plays basketball regularly. He has expressed several interests for a potential career. From physical therapy, in line with his love of sports with hopes to play at the collegiate level, to cybersecurity – he is not short of options.  

Quentin credits Eric for the guidance he has received on crucial decisions such as career choices and selecting the right college – which he is still in the process of doing. According to Quentin, Eric has offered him practical advice for his academic career, including how to approach teachers to discuss the improvement of grades.  

Eric, who works in the Security Operations Center at ReliaQuest, helped Quentin learn of a summer internship opportunity last year at the company. He was one of seven students who earned an internship spot and gained an inside look at the realm of cybersecurity which broadened his understanding of potential career paths in that industry.

Read more about his internship last year – here.

 Quentin also embarked on a life-changing journey to Ireland with 3DE by Junior Achievement program. “The trip impacted me on a personal and cultural level by showing me not everyone is the same, and every country is unique – even every city. I learned how some people must be creative with their resources. It was great to see someplace outside of America and learn about their history too. I’m grateful to learn more about these things outside of school. A cool part of the trip was being able to visit the Ireland offices of ReliaQuest through the program.” (See picture here.) 


As Quentin enters his senior year, he has grand plans for utilizing the knowledge he has amassed through his internship and international exposure. He aspires to share his newfound wisdom with peers and inspire them to reach their own potential. He intends to dive deeper into the intricacies of a legal career, building on the foundation he has established through his internship within the field of cybersecurity.  

Guided by Eric’s support, Quentin looks forward to his senior year with enthusiasm and says he is well prepared for the challenges ahead.  Alongside academic pursuits, he is excited about the quintessential senior events, including prom and other final year activities. His advice to underclassmen contemplating internships is a testament to his experience: “seize internship opportunities, expose yourself to an array of career possibilities, find your hidden passions, and broaden your horizons.”  

We look forward to hearing about the rest of Quentin’s senior year and what college he will attend. With a fresh summer of experience, Quentin stands ready to make a lasting impression on his peers and continue shaping his future. 


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