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Meet the Think Big for Kids Advisory Board 

The Think Big for Kids Advisory Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers who have been with the organization since the beginning. This group plays a vital role in shaping the programming and strategy of Think Big for Kids, volunteering in a variety of programs and initiatives, and helping us grow and expand to help more youth across different regions.

Much of what Think Big for Kids does would not be possible without our Advisory Board. We want to shine a little light on the incredible work they do for our organization and introduce them to the Think Big community.


Tony DiBenedetto

Tony is the founder of Think Big for Kids and an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in business innovation and high-impact growth. Tony is the former CEO of technology company Tribridge and currently serves as a board member for several renowned companies, including A-LIGN, Appspace, and CCG Analytics.

In 2016, Tony started Think Big for Kids, with the mission of helping kids break out of the poverty cycle while fueling the economy with incoming talent in high-demand roles and industries. Since exiting Tribridge in 2017, Tony has grown the initiative to a fully operational organization serving more than 750 teens.


What career did you want when you were in high school?

I wanted to be a baseball player or work on technology in the space program.

What inspires you to give back through Think Big?

I had so many people help me get an education and break out of poverty. I always knew that I could pay it forward. With Think Big, that day has come, long ago.


Bob Riddell 

Bob is an IT strategist, technology, and operations executive with more than 35 years of experience as an executive and consultant. Bob lends his experience to executive teams, boards, and investors to support business transformation and performance improvement.

Bob has known Tony, the founder of Think Big, for several years after working together at Tribridge. In addition to his Advisory Board role at Think Big for Kids, Bob serves on the board of the Florida Venture Forum and CloudPlus.



What career did you want when you were in high school?

I wanted to be an engineer.

What inspires you to give back through Think Big?

I was very fortunate growing up and had great role models and mentors. I realize what an incredible impact they have made on my life. When I think about kids who don’t have the same advantages, I want to help provide it.


Holly Grogan 

Holly has more than 20 years of experience in executive-level human resource development and currently serves as the Chief HR Officer at Enavate, a global ERP services firm. Prior to Enavate, Holly served as the Chief People Officer at Tribridge.

Holly has spent her career focusing on the human element of business and brings her expertise to Think Big for Kids. Holly holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-SCP) designation and is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Culture Survey programs.


What career did you want when you were in high school?

I wanted to be a nurse.

What inspires you to give back through Think Big?

I am inspired by the work we do to guide teens through a path of realizing their dreams. It is a very real opportunity to help shape a teen’s future.


Jennie Treby 

Jennie is a marketing and communications leader who serves as the President of Roger West Creative & Code, a full-service digital marketing agency. Jennie brings more than 25 years of experience in messaging strategy, brand development and public relations, and has represented clients on the brand and agency side throughout her career.

Jennie is a mom and natural storyteller with a passion for social justice, giving back and high energy projects. Jennie was instrumental in the formation of Think Big for Kids in 2016. She has enjoyed every minute of helping Think Big grow from a concept to a thriving organization delivering lasting impact to kids in need.



What career did you want when you were in high school?

I wanted to be a writer or a teacher.

What inspires you to give back through Think Big?

What inspires me most is the notion that we are helping to change the life trajectory of a young person who might otherwise be overlooked. We have the opportunity to help instill passion, confidence and a plan for success on an individual basis. And the fact we are doing at scale means we are impacting the future outlook for countless families.


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