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Meet Rosie Acuna

Written by Taylor Holt, Think Big for Kids Marketing Intern


Meet Rosie Acuna! 

Rosie Acuna is an 18-year-old who lives in Pinellas Park. She grew up in Clearwater and has been a Florida resident her whole life. Her favorite hobbies are going to the beach and watching the beautiful Tampa Bay sunsets. Rosie has been a member of the Think Big for Kids program for the last few years. She is the oldest sibling out of her family and hopes to get her sisters involved with Think Big for Kids when they are in middle school.  

Rosie’s Internship 

Through her connections with Think Big, Rosie was able to land her first internship which she recently finished. She spent her summer interning with the company Accenture, a company that specializes in IT services and consulting. The internship was a virtual business internship, which made Rosie nervous. “I was not sure what to expect with working online, but I met all different students from around the country which made me feel more comfortable.”. Rosie learned valuable skills that she can use in her future life, skills like how to connect in a business setting, resume-building techniques, and great interview tips. 

Rosie was introduced to the internship by the staff at Think Big for Kids after she was awarded the Think Big Expect More scholarship. She was encouraged by the team to apply. She was unsure at first, but her experience at Think Big made her feel comfortable enough to take a leap and try something new. Rosie’s experience with Think Big, plus her service hours made her a great candidate for the internship! 

Rosie’s Time with Think Big for Kids 

Rosie started volunteering with Think Big for Kids three years ago. She spent most of her time helping younger students with bridge books. Rosie spent many hours with Think Big for Kids, something she will always remember. Rosie also worked as a junior staff with the local Boys and Girls club, giving her more experience for her resume. Rosie stated she learned skills that she would not have learned anywhere else at Think Big for Kids. “I had such an amazing experience with the organization, one day I hope my younger siblings and other students can experience”. 

Rosie’s favorite memory from her time with Think Big for Kids was when she was interviewed by Think Big’s scholarship review committee. Rosie loved talking to the staff and volunteers and speaking about her experiences. Rosie was also assigned a mentor when she was a high school student. After receiving the scholarship, she was given a partner to help her with her next steps and advise her on what would be best. Rosie felt at home with Think Big and she will never forget that feeling. Rosie wants to encourage the students at Think Big to “try and be the best role model and influence them to be the best they can be!” 

Rosie plans to use her scholarship fun and continue taking classes at St. Pete community college, as well as continuing to work in and with the community.  

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