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Bake More Pies’ President, Cordes Owen, Shares Why They Partner with Think Big for Kids

When I was a boy, my grandfather, “Papa”, would ask his friends in business if he could bring me to view the behind the scenes of how their businesses operated. These personal tours were some of the greatest gifts I could have ever received because it gave me context for things like how a newspaper is written, sporting goods store is run, concrete block is made, and cookies are baked in a factory. I got to see the machines first hand and meet the people who ran them. This context broadened my view of how the world of industry functioned and seeded a curious point of view in me which brought on questions like “how did they make that?” or “ I wonder what that job is like?”.

Think Big For Kids does this exact same thing for hundreds of young minds in our communities. Their concept for how to get young people thinking about their lives after school provides a natural leg up on life. The curriculum for a career showcase introduces an industry and provides exercises that give the kids the opportunity to think like a marketer, banker, restauranteur, and more.

We are honored to be a part of such a great organization providing such an essential service to these young minds.

-Cordes Owen, President of Bake More Pies


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