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Kevonne’s Internship with AVI-SPL

In a stride towards unlocking the potential of young minds through our Job Readiness and Placement pillar, we are thrilled to share Kevonne’s experience as an intern with AVI-SPL. “Audio Visual Innovations – Solutions for Professional Learning” (or AVI-SPL) is a leading global provider of collaboration and audiovisual solutions to enhance communication, productivity, and engagement. 

Kevonne joined our program in the spring while attending Friendship Christian Academy. Throughout his journey with Think Big for Kids, Kevonne has eagerly participated in Career Showcases and workshops at school, allowing him to explore various fields of interest. His discovered passion for technology led to a match with his mentor, Zac, who currently works at Appspace. Beyond academics, Kevonne enjoys honing his culinary skills in the kitchen and competing in basketball games and has expressed a love for strategic games like spades and chess.   

Throughout his internship, Kevonne was fully immersed in the diverse departments of AVI-SPL, giving him an in-depth understanding of the respective roles and functions within the company. He began with figuring out how his interests aligned with the right department for his future goals, allowing him to make the most out of his time. He delved into the team sectors of State and Local Education, IT, and Inside Sales. He was assigned a pivotal task within the designated divisions, and spearheaded the mission to identify a specified number of K-12 school districts within a designated region. Using diligence and precision, he compiled the necessary contact information for each district. As a result, his meticulous efforts not only enriched his research skills but also paved the way for potential customer engagements, underscoring the crucial role of accurate data acquisition in establishing meaningful connections.

With fellow AVI SPL co worker Gary’s expertise from the Inside Sales division, Kevonne was able to flourish in the fast-paced, dynamic environment. Using his Gary’s knowledge Kevonne grasped complex concepts with ease, including the use of Excel Spreadsheets to streamline information, which he divulged was his biggest challenge to date. Industry terms and abbreviations can be overwhelming, but his commitment to constant growth led Kevonne to embrace the power of asking questions and seeking clarity. As we applaud Kevonne’s dedication and commend his accomplishments, he leaves us with a piece of advice for any future interns with AVI-SPL to continue to be themselves, always ask questions, listen carefully, and be confident – in that order. Think Big for Kids extends a big thank you to AVI-SPL for providing Kevonne with an opportunity to encourage his passions. We know he absolutely loved and appreciated his time there since he has already asked for another internship next summer.  


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