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A Journey of Mentorship

We are thrilled to share an update on the inspiring story of Ja’Nysha and her mentor Stacie. Their bond not only highlights the impact of the support a mentorship with Think Big can give but also emphasizes the importance of friendship and personal growth. 

Ja’Nysha, who attended Lennard High School starting as a first-year student like many students, faced numerous challenges during her quest for scholarships. Having a longstanding bond with her mentor which has strengthened over three years through over 100 virtual and in-person meetings, Stacie encouraged her to apply for the Think Big Expect More scholarship. And we are happy to share Ja’Nysha was awarded our scholarship in May! 

Stacie’s guidance went beyond the scholarship application process. Together, they navigated the intricacies of academic and personal life, providing support to each other every step of the way. Through Zoom meetings, Stacie and Ja’Nysha discussed school and many things in between, building a friendship of trust and understanding. With their focus on her career development plan, Ja’Nysha had job shadowing days with A – LIGN, Johnson Pope and Trenam Law, uncovering her love for law, nurturing her interest in a career as a paralegal.  

 As a mentor Stacie continues to impart words of wisdom and share the importance of balancing humility with self-advocacy. Ja’Nysha revealed that she taught her how essential it is to remain humble, there are times when it is crucial to celebrate your accomplishments, highlight your abilities, and embrace your journey with confidence. Having helped to foster her passion for law and pushing her to apply for the Think Big scholarship, we are proud to say that Ja’Nysha will be attending Hillsborough Community College in the fall with hopes to graduate with a paralegal certificate.  

 Inspired by the profound impact Stacie has had on her life, Ja’Nysha aspires to pay it forward. She dreams of becoming a mentor herself one day, eager to provide the same level of support, guidance, and friendship that has bestowed upon her. 

 In May, Think Big hosted a scholarship luncheon event to recognize and honor our scholarship recipients. Stacie attended along with  Ja’Nysha and her family, allowing the opportunity to meet and celebrate together. Grateful for the doors Think Big has opened, Ja’Nysha feels honored to have been awarded and invited, propelling her forward to the future with a renewed sense of hope and appreciation. 

Stories like Stacie and Ja’Nysha’s remind us of the transformative power of mentorship and the profound impact it can have on both mentor and mentee. We are immensely grateful to mentors like Stacie, whose dedication and commitment are shaping a brighter future for the next generation. 


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